Additional Fixing Option

Vidchecker and Vidchecker-post have at their core the ability to detect and correct video and audio levels. There are additional ‘fix’ options that can be added.

Transcode Option – this takes mezzanine file formats and allows the user to define – a common format based on one standard. It is possible to set the codec and wrapper as well as Video bitrate, frame size, aspect ratio, audio channel configuration, audio bitrate, bit depth and sample rate. This transcode also fixes the file syntax a common problem encountered with today’s modern file delivery workflows.

Layout Option – this allows templates to be configured that automatically add black and bars to predefined points within a file. This could be for commercial insertion etc.

PSE correction – Vidcheck’s patented correction for Photo Sensitive Epilepsy luminance flashing (Ofcom/ITU1702) can be added. This is ideal for fast turnaround news content where time is of the essence.

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