Vidchecker-post does everything Vidchecker does but processes 1 file at a time instead of 4 and the processing is limited to 8 logical cores. Please see Vidchecker for full product details.

Vidchecker-post is the version of Vidchecker for low-volume QC requirements. It is designed for post production houses, content distributors and smaller broadcasters who do not have the file-testing throughput requirements of larger companies. It is full-featured QC at a price that the smallest post production companies can comfortably afford. It can be upgraded to the full Vidchecker for the price difference as your file testing throughput requirements grow.

Please note: Vidchecker-post does not have a Grid option (so can only be used stand-alone) or a Dolby-E option. Vidchecker-post is limited to 8 logical cores.

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