The Vidcheck Advanced Media Player, Vamp, is used to play video and audio files on a PC screen or SDI, for QC review.

Vidchecker comes with its own simple player to view content that has been tested or corrected. However, some environments requite a more sophisticated view of the content. The Vidcheck Advanced Media Player (Vamp) is an ideal tool to guide the user through any alerts raised as part of the automated quality control
process. To begin with Vamp displays the alerts along a time line representation of the content. The user can then very easily navigate to each alert in turn or randomly jump though scene by scene. Navigation is via standard industry transport controls. With the addition of a hardware graphics output card it is possible to take either an HDMI or SDI output from a workstation to a second monitor.

As well as playing out the video and audio, Vamp’s main features include timeline display of video keyframes and all audio tracks; location and description details of all alerts from Vidcheckerauto QC; file metadata display e.g. AS-11 MXF and “file info” data (e.g. file container, video track/codec details, and audio codec/track details) for each track.

Vamp is a standard Windows PC application.

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